3D Silk Eye Mask 100% Mulberry Silk – 30 Momme


Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury and comfort with the Guava Bay 3D Silk Eye Mask, designed to provide you with an unparalleled sleep experience. Crafted from high-quality silk, this eye mask gently caresses your skin while creating a soft and soothing barrier against unwanted light.

Our three-dimensional design perfectly conforms to the shape of your eyes, effectively eliminating any unwanted pressure on your eyelids. With its ergonomic design, this Guava Bay eye mask offers a personalized fit that completely blocks out light, allowing you to immerse yourself in total darkness—an ideal environment for deep and restful sleep.

Silk, renowned for its hypoallergenic properties and exceptional softness, provides a luxurious feel with every touch. In addition to its skincare benefits, silk helps maintain a constant temperature, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep experience throughout the night.

Lightweight and easy to adjust, the Guava Bay silk eye mask is perfect for home use or on the go. Whether on a plane, train, or at home, treat yourself to the luxury of rest with this refined sleep accessory.

Transform your nights into the ultimate relaxation experience with the Guava Bay 3D Silk Eye Mask. Gift yourself the luxury of quality sleep and wake up each morning refreshed and revitalized.


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