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When the Australian dream comes true…

Welcome to the Guava Bay website, dedicated to premium 100% Mulberry silk products! If you’re seeking a luxurious and beneficial experience for your skin and hair, you’ve come to the right place. Learn why choosing our 100% Mulberry silk 30mm pillowcases, 30mm nightcaps, 30mm eye masks and 30mm scrunchies can make a remarkable difference in your skincare and haircare routine.

At Guava Bay, we manufacture all our products with the highest grade and density of materials on the market, and we are committed to maintaining this standard. The quality and durability of our products are our top priorities. Our goal is to elevate the awareness and wellness of our Australian customers to the next level, introducing them to the luxurious benefits of silk.

Advantages of 100%
Mulberry Silk Products

Our 100% Mulberry silk 30 momme pillowcases offer a soft and smooth surface that minimizes friction while you sleep. This will help prevent creases and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking fresh and youthful.

Our 100% Mulberry silk 30 momme pillowcases reduce friction, effectively decreasing breakage and tangles in your hair. Our 100% Mulberry silk 30 momme nightcaps also help retain your hair’s natural moisture, resulting in softer and more radiant locks.

Renowned for its softness and delightful feel against the skin, 100% Mulberry silk is a superior choice. Our 100% Mulberry silk 30 momme scrunchies add both comfort and elegance to your daily hairstyle.

Our 100% Mulberry silk products possess the remarkable ability to regulate body temperature, ensuring you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Enjoy a tranquil and comfortable sleep throughout the year.

Naturally resistant to dust mites and allergens, Guava Bay silk product is an exceptional option for those with skin sensitivities or allergies.

We firmly believe that every moment of your day deserves a touch of luxury. Guava Bay products are meticulously crafted to bring an unparalleled experience to your daily routine. Explore our collection and treat yourself to the extraordinary comfort and benefits of 100% Mulberry silk.

Why Choose 30 Momme Silk for Your Products

When it comes to silk, the momme (mm) weight is a key indicator of quality and durability. At Guava Bay, we recommend 30 momme silk for those seeking the finest in luxury and longevity. Here’s why:

30 momme silk is denser and heavier than lower momme silks, offering a richer, more opulent feel. This weight ensures a smooth and lustrous surface that is soft against the skin.

The higher density of 30 momme silk means it is more resistant to wear and tear. It maintains its beauty and integrity over time, making it a wise investment for long-lasting elegance.

30 momme silk provides excellent thermal regulation, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes it ideal for year-round comfort in products like bedding and clothing.

Heavier silk like 30 momme holds dye better, resulting in deeper, more vibrant colors that do not fade easily. Your silk products will retain their stunning hues for years to come.

By selecting our brand, including our silk pillowcases, nightcaps, eye masks and scrunchies, you are investing in you well-being. Join the ranks of those who have already uncovered the remarkable benefits of 100% mulberry silk 30 Momme and transform your skincare and sleep routine today. Choose Guava Bay and ensure you receive the best in quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Experience the unparalleled luxury and long-lasting beauty of 30 momme silk with our premium products.

Trust in Guava Bay: OEKO-TEX Certified Silk

At Guava Bay, we pride ourselves on offering luxurious silk products that are OEKO-TEX certified. This prestigious certification guarantees our silk is free from harmful substances, ensuring safety and sustainability.

By choosing Guava Bay, you invest in high-quality, ethically produced silk. Enjoy the elegance and peace of mind that comes with our OEKO-TEX certified products. Discover the best in safe, luxurious silk with Guava Bay.